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Fort Davis, Texas

Located on the edge of the Davis Mountains at the intersections of Hwy 17 and Hwy 118 at an elevation of 4892’ Fort Davis has the highest elevation above sea level of any county seat in the state of Texas. Fort Davis was named after the Cavalry post bearing its name, which was founded in 1854. There are many historical points of interest, shopping, dining and lodging the town has to offer.

While visiting the Fort Davis National Historical Site, visitors can enjoy guided tours, the self-guided tours,  or simply enjoy the beautifully restored grounds of the Fort itself. Davis Mountain State Park and its associated Indian Lodge, built in the 1930s by the Civilian Conservation Corp. should certainly not be missed. Then of course, McDonald Observatory, no visit would be complete without the experience of their ’Star parties’! Provided every Tuesday, Friday and Saturday night, (weather permitting) guests are given an orientation of the night sky in an informative, yet entertaining way, concluding with a tour of telescopes pointing at the seasonal points of interest in the night sky! Guaranteed one of the highlights of a visit to West Texas!

For the motorcycle enthusiasts, or just out for a scenic drive, The Fort Davis Loop, would certainly be an enjoyment!

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